A. Parizad, M.E. Iranian, A. Yazdani, H.R. Baghaee, G.B. Gharehpetian
IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference (EPEC) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.
Publication year: 2018


This paper describes the implementation of squirrel cage induction motor using high level graphical language in LabView software. The mathematical models of the three-phase induction motor are implemented in LabView block diagram pages. These models are in form of differential equations and Runge-Kutta 4th order method is implemented to solve the problem. LabView FPGA module alongside with Xilinx 10.1 compiler will generate the Bitfiles, and then Synthesize, Route and place the logic gates to a FPGA chip. NI PCI-7831R is programmed to communicate with real system as a data acquisition card. This communication is implemented in real time environment (RTX) through Ardence RTX as a multithread and multitasking software. The presented real-time platform provides a versatile and flexible simulation tool for investigating dynamic behaviors of induction machine in different cases and can be extended to many other equipment and subsystems of electrical power systems. To validate implemented squirrel cage induction motor model and also its behavior in LabView software, human machine interface (HMI) is developed in LabView front page. A study case is simulated in LabView real-time system and MATLAB/Simulink, as two independent software. Results show that motor characteristics (i.e. speed, torque, and etc.) are in the close correspondence compared to MATLAB outputs and consequently LabVIEW model is verified.