Postdoctoral Associate in Advanced Research Institute at Virginia Tech., Ph.D. in electrical engineering with a focus on new challenges in modern power systems and smart grids. Broad theoretical background and applicable skills in power system modeling and analysis, distributed energy systems, and power system planning/operation. Extensive experience in SCADA systems, real-time simulators (National Instrument software and hardware), Numerical methods, and developing codes in MATLAB/Python.

I joined MAPNA Electric and Control Engineering and Manufacturing Company (MECO), the largest and most important power company in Iran,  as a Power Systems Analysis engineer in 2010. During my six years at MAPNA, I was involved in different projects related to the power plant, Power Energy Management Systems (PMS/LMS), power systems analysis, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Monorail, and Commissioning projects in a joint engineering program with ABB and SIEMENS Companies, where I could improve my skills. Moreover,  as a member of the Research and Development team, at the forefront of practical responsibilities, I was appointed as the leader of a real-time project using LabVIEW in which power system equipment was simulated in MATLAB and then connected to LabVIEW. Moreover, I have always tried to share my experiences by writing three books and two book chapters as well as teaching different academic and practical courses related to my field of expertise. In addition, as a member of a team, I published a patent for the company, which is used in power plants as a simulator system.

During my Ph.D., as a research assistant, I finished a project funded by Ameren Electric Company. The project was about distribution system planning considering DERs to improve electric distribution network performance. As an output of this project, software is developed to get all the input data and perform some calculations such as load flow, optimization, PV effects on different feeders, peak shaving with battery energy storage, reactive power optimization, load forecasting, etc. Currently, I am working on a second project which is related to cybersecurity issues in the modern power system. I am developing a framework based on machine learning algorithms to detect false data injected by an adversary. Considering my GPA (4/4) and the abovementioned accomplishments during the Ph.D. program, I got the Dissertation Research Assistantship Award (DRA) fellowship for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Parallel to my studies, I had several activities that I followed in the university. As far as teaching experience is concerned, I taught courses such as Electrical Machinery and power system analysis in Azad Universities. I have also participated in several social and extracurricular activities such as being an IEEE Student Branch Chairman (IUST), Executive Co-operator in the Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, Representative of M.Sc. Students of IUST in Electrical Science & Students Institution of Iran and, more important, contribution to IEEE Iran Section Membership Promotion and Development, for which I voluntarily worked as the chairman until graduation. I also organized numerous workshops, seminars, and factory tours for the exciting curiosity and interest of other students into the fascinating world of Electrical Engineering. These experiences rewarded me with outstanding teaching and leadership qualities, effective team working abilities, excellent communication skills, and interacting with people of various cultures.

Thus far, I have published three books, two book chapters, a patent, and different papers in my major field, and they have been cited over 500 times (Google Scholar) by researchers from all over the world. Moreover, I am serving as a reviewer (total of 100 verified reviews by September 2021) in the most prominent journals, i.e., IEEE, IET, Elsevier, etc.