Professional Experiences

I have six years of professional experience at MAPNA Electric., Control, Engineering & Manufacturing Co. (MECO). MAPNA is known as the largest and most important power company. During these years, I was involved in different projects related to the power plant, energy management system (Joint Engineering Project with SIEMENS), network studies, Monorail, SCADA system (Joint Engineering Project with ABB), and real-time systems.

Moreover, as a research assistant, I finished a project funded by Ameren Electric Company. The project was about distribution system planning considering DERs to improve electric distribution network performance. As an output of this project, a software is developed to get all the input data and perform some calculations such as load flow, optimization, PV effects on different feeders, peak shaving with battery energy storage, reactive power optimization, etc. Currently, I am working on a second project which is related to cybersecurity issues in the modern power system. I am developing a framework based on machine learning algorithms to detect false data injected by an adversary.

  • Present2019

    Research Assistant @ Southern Illinois University

    – Working on a project including the following topics:

    • Big Data Analytics
    • Hyper Parameter Optimization of Deep Learning Algorithms for High-Resolution Load Forecasting using Parallel Distributed Programming
    • Cybersecurity Issues and Attack Classification in Power Systems
    • Consequences of FDIA Attack on the Power System
    • False data detection methods employing Deep Learning Algorithms
    • Investigation of a Laboratory Set-Up for Cyber Attack Simulation

  • 20202018

    Research Assistant @ Southern Illinois University

    – Developing a dedicated software for Ameren Electric Company

    • Optimal sitting and sizing of PV in the distribution system by Optimization Algorithm considering voltage stability, power losses, and total cost.
    • Improving electric distribution network operation through inclusion of Energy Management concepts focused on high penetration of DER assets, renewable resource (Wind/PV) forecasting, proper charging/discharging of Energy Storage battery systems, and also how these DERs assets can improve electric distribution network performance.
    • Employing Load and Irradiance Profiles for the Allocation of PV Arrays with Inverter Reactive Power and Battery Storage in Distribution Networks
    • Implementation and development of dedicated software for the abovementioned issues for Ameren Electric Company.

  • 20162012

    Research & Development Engineer (Head of the Project) @ MAPNA Electric. and Control, Engineering & Manufacturing Co. (MECO)

    Design and Implementation of Power System Simulator and Emulator (PSE). (Resulted in IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics and other journals/conference papers)

    • Power Plant Modeling in MATLAB (Generator, Excitation System, Turbine-governor, Transformer, Transmission Line, Loads, and External Grid).
    • Communication between MATLAB Models in Simulink and LabVIEW software.
    • Implementation of hardware in the Loop by considering the excitation system as a real system (closed-loop).


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  • 20152012

    SCADA and Railway Systems Engineer @ MAPNA Electric. and Control, Engineering & Manufacturing Co. (MECO)

    • SCADA Detail Engineering and System Design: Specification, Technical Offer, I/O List, BOM, Load List, OCC Design, Hardware Design, Network Configuration, Logic Function, HMI Design and Commissioning.
    • RTU Upgrading, Configuration, Monitoring, Database Generating, HMI, Manual Instruction (ABB) in Substations
    • Protocol Converter (PC) Installation, Programming, and Commissioning.
    • Exchange of power SCADA signals through DSC (Serial Link) to RTU, Configuration of protocol convertor for communication between remote RTUs and dispatching center considering PLC and LTE, Pilot Test: SCC – SDH Interactions in national dispatching center.
    • Training: RTU & Protocol converter courses (Software & Hardware).
    • Power SCADA Detail Engineering, Hardware Design, and Commissioning.
    • RTU Programming in railway projects.
    • Design of Electrical Cabinet in EPLAN in MONORAIL project.

  • 20132010

    EMS and Network Studies Engineer @ MAPNA Electric. and Control, Engineering & Manufacturing Co. (MECO)

    • Energy Management Project by PLC software and Hardware
    • Network Studies in PMS projects (Fajr II, Damavand, and South Pars Power Plants) including Load Flow, Short Circuit, Motor Starting, Dynamic Stability, Load Shedding/Sharing, and … Using DigSILENT Software.
    • Network Study and Relay Coordination Studies in Petrochemical Co. Using ETAP Software.
    • Turbine-Gov., AVR, PSS modeling in Power Plant with DigSILENT Simulation and Programming Language (DSL& DPL).
    • Distributed Generation and Photovoltaic Studies.
    • Training: Power System Analysis by DigSILENT (MECO), LMS, and EMS Courses (Fajr II).
    • MAPSim: A Frequency control simulator in the islanded systems. (Resulted in Patent and paper)

  • 20172013

    Grade/Executing Construction Electrical Installation

    • Grade Two of Planning Construction Electrical Installation
    • Grade Two of Supervision of Construction Electrical Installation
    • Grade Three of Executing Electrical Installations of Construction
    • Inspection and Competency Issuing Electricity Service Lines Affirmation